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Social Action

The Social Action Committee (SAC) works to provide BJC members with varied opportunities to perform acts of tzedakah, so that all of us can be participants in activities that improve our community and that further the goal of Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”). The SAC helps to foster BJC‘s long-standing relationships with the National Center for Children and Families, Thrive DC (formerly the Dinner Program for Homeless Women), the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, and The Friends Club (which provides support to men with Alzheimer’s disease and their families) by regularly providing volunteer and financial support for programs provided by these important organizations. Volunteer activities recently sponsored by the SAC include:

The SAC is always looking for new ways to engage with our community and the world, so please let us know if you have ideas for additional projects. We also welcome your involvement in any of our volunteer projects. For more information, please contact Harri Kramer.


Inter-Congregational Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

BJC and Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church are working closely with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) to help a newly arrived refugee family rebuild their lives in America.  Please use this Sign Up Genius to join a standing committee and/or volunteer your services on a more ad hoc basis.  If you are offering a service of some kind, add your name to the “Other” section and note how you would like to contribute.  Such supports could include driving occasionally, being willing to provide diagnostic or other medical services on a pro bono basis, having furniture you want to donate, tutoring, translating, etc.  Relevant co-chairs will contact you.  All volunteers who will have direct contact with the family must complete a background check form from LLS (instructions to follow at a later date).

Thank you for your help.  Please contact Evelyn Ganzglass if you have any questions.

To see a clip of Rabbi Schnitzer talking about the immigration ban on WUSA Channel 9 click here.


Chesed Society: Care and Concern Committee

Have you ever felt that you or your family needed some support at the time of a family funeral, during times of poor health, or when there was a need for support during the birth or adoption of a new baby or young child? 
The Rabbi and the BJC board are pleased to announce the establishment of The Chesed Society: Care and Concern Committee to meet these various needs of our families.  This committee is currently made up of about 15 members who are willing to be supportive in challenging times.  Please consider contacting the committee for support with Shiva, or if you need support after surgery or other medical issues.  Perhaps we can offer a ride or a meal or a trip to the store?   We hope you will reach out.
If you have any questions or are interested in joining the Chesed Society Care and Concern Committee, or if you have a need for help from the committee,  please contact Carol Ann Rudolph at or at 301-897-8272 or the Rabbi or the BJC Administrator at


Bethesda Jewish Congregation

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