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BJC Funds

Among the many ways that you can support congregational life at BJC are donations to the following special projects and funds:

General Donations

General Donations to BJC

Yizkor Book 5780

Yizkor Book 5780/2019

Cuba Mission Fund

Fund to provide basic support and necessities to struggling Jewish communities in Cuba.

Religious School/Education Fund

Fund to support religious school activities, supplies, and other needs.

Maran Gluckstein Family Education Fund

This fund supports education speaker programs and related educational events and activities for the family.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Special fund supported by member donations. Used by the Rabbi to make donations to organizations in the name of BJC and to support those in need. Please contact the Rabbi if you are interested in supporting this fund.

Library Fund

Fund used to purchase books for the BJC library.

Torah Repair Fund

Hiddur Habima Fund

Media Fund

Please contact the BJC office about supporting or contributing to these funds.

Bethesda Jewish Congregation

Bethesda Jewish Congregation